Travel insurance

Travel insurance is a big topic and a lot of people addressing whether to insure at all, and if so, whether on the job. They had heard that the work in insured by the local ACC. So where is the truth?

Insurance - yes or no?

First and foremost, it must be said that the to fly without insurance is irresponsibility of the highest calibre. Aside from high costs of such difficult operations or transfer home, then even simple medical procedures are in New Zealand very expensive. Price insurance addition relative to the other costs is not too high. Insurance certainly yes. 

Check the bill for examination broken ankle. 

Insurance on the job, yes or no?

That's a bit more complicated question, but my answer is unequivocally yes again. And this for several reasons. The first is that the ACC New Zealand that protects all workers, but also tourists, is not a substitute for travel insurance. And as such, does not cover the same area. Regarding the nature of the ACC, it is in principle in fact accident insurance. So it will cover the cost of treating a broken hand. But if you collect kiwi in the rain and get sick, it's not an accident. In case of serious problems the ACC in its terms committed to assist you to the point where you will be able to convey to your homeland. Nowhere, however, does not mention that you had it cashed. Expect therefore that ACC does not cover repatriation, treatment of diseases, doctor visits (beyond those associated with injuries, and even there is not always 100% cover) and will not cover medication. A huge financial burden may be just Repatriation - transportation to your homeland in case of necessity. 

According to some insurance companies, you are covered by insurance without manual work insurance outside working hours. Theoretically, you are therefore covered by insurance outside working hours and ACC during working hours. However, the theory is not always the same as practice, and it is better to be a little "Reinsurance" than under insured. Insurance companies like to try not to pay. In the case of full insurance they do not have the reason. 

Another reason is that since the ACC is not a substitute for health insurance, your homeland may not recognize it as a substitute for public health insurance and you may be forced to pay all your public health insurance fees for the period you were abroad. The price difference between the insurance without work and with the work is not really high. Do not take risks and be cool. :-)

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