Money transfers

Cheap, fast and reliable international money transfers

TransferWise link - 1. transfer up to 500 pounds free (ca. 900 NZD):

CurrencyFair link - bonus €30 and 2. transfer free (1. is only about 3USD):

I suggest you to use TransferWise for transfers from New Zealand as CurrencyFair is actually not holding local bank account in New Zealand. To use CF will save you just a very tiny amount of money and it is really complicated now. 

Are you having any troubles with money transfers?  Contact me and I will help you.

How to send my hard earned money back home?

Do you need money to begin your life in New Zealand or have you already finished your stay and need to transfer all your money back home? Then don´t use the bank wire transfer. Banks will rob you 3 times: local bank will charge you for international transfer, your home bank will charge you for incoming international transfer and your home bank will use terrible exchange rate.

How to avoid this bullshit? Use companies which are focused on international money transfers. The favourite are CurrencyFair aTransferWise

TransferWise is simple, fast and the transfer will cost you only  7NZD per each 1000NZD you send (plus they forgive you the fee for ca. 900 if you use my link to sign up).

Step-by-step guides

How to sign up and transfer with TransferWise 

How to sign up and transfer with CurrencyFair

How does it work? All information you need to know about TW and CF

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