10+ tips how to save money

Several tips how to save couple dollars every day

10+ tips to save during New Zealand Working Holiday

This article is not about sleeping in the car is cheaper than renting a villa. Those are everyday tips to save you a bit of your earned money.

  1. Discount websites
    They are here as well. Worldwide Groupon has a New Zealand local version. But the best one is Bookme.co.nz. You can book most of the activities here for better price. Sooner you buy, less you pay. Always check the offered price against the regular price, in some cases it might by more expensive. But most of the offers are much cheaper.
  2. Ask for a discount
    It may sound weird, but many shops will give you 10% discount if you ask for it. Always remember - to ask is free. ;-)
  3. Happy hours
    Most restaurants and bars have Happy hours, usually 1-2 hours, when you can get cheap beer ($3,50 instead of $7 etc) and very often there is some cheaper food as well. Always check the restaurants nearby and take advantage of it.
  4. Food with short expiration
    Most shops sell food with short expiration cheaper, sometimes with up to 90% discount. 
  5. Discounted take away
    Some restaurants (usually shops in malls and mostly sushi shops) offer cheaper leftover food just before they close.
  6. AA discount card
    If you insure your car by AA you get an AA card with discount on fuel and more. Even without insurance you can get this AA card in fuel station Caltex ans BP, just the discount will be little bit lower. You can use your fuel discount straight away or accumulate your bonus money and then have a free tank.
  7. Fly Buys
    Fly Buys is a card where you can collect points for your shopping in different shops. You probably won´t get a lot, but It is free. In 12 months we collected enough point to get a reward worth $40.
  8. New World ClubCard
    It works only on South island. With this card you have special prices on some goods in New World. There is even a paper version for visitors. If you are shopping in New World and don´t have this card, just say you forgot yours and ask the cashier to use his one. They will do it for you.
  9. Salvation army shops etc.
    Salvation Army runs a shop chain called "Family store" where you can buy cheap but nice second hand clothing, kitchen equipment and many other things really really cheap. There are some other shops, f.e. Wastebusters in Wanaka. 
  10. Local facebook groups
    Every place has a local facebook group usually called "Sell, buy and borrow ..." You can buy there some nice things cheap or sell if you need. 
  11. Airbnb bonus
    If you plan to use AirBnB and don´t have your account yet, use this link and get €18 credit when you book your first stay valued €72.
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