IRD number

IRD number application guide

For your IRD number application have ready:

  • form IR742 (filled in)
  • copy of your passport
  • proof of address (you can use bank account statement)
  • copy of your e-visa
  • proof of your activated New Zealand bank account (account statement or confirmation from the bank)

You can apply in several ways:

  • at any post office
  • at the Automobile Association (AA) Driver Licensing Agents
  • by e-mail to
  • by post to Inland Revenue, PO Box 39050, Wellington Mail Centre 5045, NZ
  • in person at  any Inlad Revenue branch office

Post office or AA is great, because they will check your application to have everything right.

Allocation of your IRD number can take up to 10 working days. Some people advice to write "URGENT" on the top of your application. It might help, but don´t relly on it. If you apply at Inland Revenue branch office, you can try to impress their worker by some special story why you need your IRD number ASAP. 

When you send your application you don´t have to wait for the letter from IRD. You don´t need the letter at all, you will just call the Inland Revenue and they will tell you your number. You can try to call them in couple days after sending the application.

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