Step-by-step guide

Step by step guide for you:

  1. Click on TransferWise link and go to the website.
  2. You should see "TOMAS HAS GIVEN YOU A FREE TRANSFER" in the upper left corner. (Picture 1), click on "Sign up".
  3. Fill in e-mail and password or sign in by Facebook account. (Picture 2)
  4. Fill in how much money you would like to transfer, choose source currency and target currency, click on "Continue". (Picture 3)
  5. Fill in your personal details and click on "Continue". (Picture 4)
  6. Choose who is the recipient, usually yourself, so click on "Myself". (Picture 5)
  7. Fill in IBAN of your target account and click on "Confirm". (Pictures 6 and 7)
  8. In next step upload your ID, drivers licence or passport. When you click on "Start ID check", you have 2 options. The easiest way is to take a photo of your ID with your webcamera. If you don´t have webcamera, take a photo of your ID from both sides. (Picture 8)
  9. Click on "Start verification". (Picture 9) and choose ID type. (Picture 10)
  10. Choose between using webcamera or upload ID. If you choose webcam, allow Flash access to webcam.
  11. According the instructions hold your ID in front of your webcam and click on "Take snapshot". (Picture 11) Make sure the picture taken is readable and click on "Confirm & continue with next step". (Picture 12)
  12. Repeat the same with the back side and click on "Finish & start verification". (Picture 13) Your ID is uploading and analyzing. The verification takes about only few minutes. (Picture 14)
  13. After ID upload there is another step "Review Details of your transfer". Check all details. You can fill in "Reference", if you want something to appear on your account statement. Click on "Confirm". (Picture 15)
  14. Choose the way how you want to send the money. Probably wire transfer, so choose "Bank transfer". (Picture 16) You will get all information for bank transfer. Transfer the money from your internet banking and click on "I´ve sent the money to TransferWise", or leave it for later and click on "I´ll do it later". (Picture 17)
  15. As soon as you finish the transfer, you´ll get information about estimated money delivery. Don´t be scared if you see date about week or more, they just keep reserve. It usually take 1-3 days. (Picture 18)
  16. And here we go! You´ve just sent the money through TransferWise!
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