Money with you

How much money do you need to bring to New Zealand?


This question bothers the majority of travellers. In terms of visa is set a minimum of $ 4,200. But is so much money needed? Or is it vice versa enough? To these questions I will try to answer in this short article.

The very first thing is purely formal. It is very unlikely that you will be chosen by immigration at the border for deep check. If this happens the lack of money may be a reason to turn you over and deny you entrance into the country. And that's definitely not worth the risk at all.

Now the money themselves. Asked if it is  not enough, enough or too much, there is no simple answer. Each of us goes to New Zealand in a different situation and with different plan. Someone goes alone, some in pairs, others in the group. Someone's going to start a new life with a decent standard of living, somebody is looking for punk way of life. So, of course, each will have a completely different cost of living.

The largest initial costs include the purchase of a car. Prices usually range from 2000 to 4000 NZ dollars (in the category of cars that are backpackers mostly buying). Expect therefore average $ 3,000. You probably had already figured out that if you're travelling alone, from 4200 will be gone too much. In a couple it is a reasonable cut from the budget pie and 4 people will not even notice.

Another point to consider is your plan upon arrival. Are you planning to fly to Auckland and spend there two weeks to handle everything you need? Then count roughly $ 600 per person. (30NZD / night, 100NZD / week food). Of course, if you are going to party and drink, then add few more dozens. If you want to buy car straight upon arrival and live in it, it means more savings on housing.

Thing to be reckoned with, the time required to find a job. You may get lucky and get a job even before you get IRD. But you can hit a lousy season, a poor area, or you can just look wrong and you end up out of work for weeks or even months. At the moment you do not have income, the life in New Zealand become bloody expensive. Of course you can stay in your car and stuff your stomach with chines noddles, but it is not ideal for everyone. :-)

So my advice is - Think about how you would like to live in New Zealand. How you will look for work? Will you accept any job or will you look for a better and more stable job? Putting together a financial reserve is not so complicated. Something you earn back home, your parents may be able to lend you a bit and you can get credit card on the street. Always try to think of the worst possible option, be ready for it and then you will be able to handle anything will stand between you and your amazing life in New Zealand. :-)

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